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The apparent absorption time courses of glutamine and glucose in g group, n-acetyl-l-glutamine and glucose in n group and glucose in c group are shown in fig. Absorption profiles for glutamine and n-acetyl-l-glutamine were very similar during the first 90 min of the intestinal infusion, dropping sharply to 35 of the initial concentrations. Apparatus for measuring l-glutamine in a liquid sample includes a membrane on which are immobilized the enzymes glutaminase and glutamate oxidase, whereby any said l-glutamine in the sample is acted upon by the glutaminase to form glutamic acid, the glutamic acid being acted upon by the glutamate oxidase to form an enzymatic reaction product, the membrane being operatively associated with a. An apparatus (10) for measuring l-glutamine contained in a liquid sample comprises a membrane (16) on which the enzymes glutaminase and oxidase glutamate are immobilized. Any l-glutamine in the sample is affected by glutaminase, forming glutaminic acid, and glutamic acid is affected by glutamate oxidase, forming an enzymatic reaction product. L-glutamine 2,3,3,4,4-d 5 (97 purity) was purchased from cambridge isotope laboratories (andover, ma, usa). Stable labeled pyroglutamate was generated from stable labeled glutamate in the following manner. Approximately 1 mg of l-glutamic 2,3,3,4,4-d 5 acid was weighed and placed into a 16 100 ml glass test tube. Field biotechnology, biochemistry, enzymes, amino acids, microbiology. Substance invention relates to a method for producing and preparing l-amino acids, such as l-tryptophan, l-phenylalanine, l-tyrosine and l-histidine that are prepared by culturing the modified microorganism of genus escherichia with enhanced activity of 6-phosphogluconolactonase. Prepared deacetylated l-amino acids are separated by preparative method from non-deacetylated n-acetyl-d-derivatives andor not fully deacetylated n-acetyl-l-derivatives. Invention provides preparing l-amino acids with the high yield and purity of enantiomers. 25 mm ammonium chloride, 4 mm l-glutamate, 2 mm atp, 5 mm adp, 10 mm p i, 50 mm mg 2 and 20 mm glutamine the rate of exchange between ammonia and glutamine (amide) catalyzed by sheep brain gs is 70 that of the rate of exchange between glutamate and glutamine (i.). L-glutamic acid oxidase, which is an l-amino acid oxidase catalyzing the oxidative deamination of the. -amino group of l-glutamic acid in the presence of water and oxygen to form. -ketoglutaric acid, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, and having a very high substrate specificity for l-glutamic acid substantially without acting on l-glutamine and l-histidine, and also having a high. A process for preparing an n-tertiarybutoxycarbonyl amino acid which comprises the step of reacting a base addition salt of an amino acid with o-tertiary-butyl s-phenyl thiocarbonate to form thereby the corresponding n-tertiarybutoxycarbonyl amino acid. Bottled dulbeccos modified eagles medium (dmem), calf serum, l-glutamine (1 mm final concentration), and 1 of penicillin-streptomycin (prepared with 10,000 unitsml penicillin g sodium and 10 mgml streptomycin sulfate in 0.).

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