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Ivf immature and post-mature eggs what does this mean and how can it be prevented? By dr. Geoffrey sher on 16th april 2018 one commonly hears patients undergoing ivf report that they had too many immature eggs, and inferring that had more time been allotted to ovarian stimulation and the administration of the trigger shot been delayed by a day or more, this might not have happened. Egg maturation in ivf how egg immaturity, post-maturity, and dysmaturity influence ivf outcome. Same egg, with a higher plane of focus 3-d aspect of egg and its cumulus cells egg is below the plane of focus many red blood cells are seen around the egg ivf image of a mature egg on the day of egg retrieval we call this the metaphase ii, or m2 stage the presence of the polar body (red arrow) shows that the egg is mature. An egg is mature after it has undergone two separate rounds of meiosis or cell division. These rounds of cell division reduce the number of chromosomes in the nucleus of the egg from 46 chromosomes to 23 chromosomes in preparation for fertilization by the sperm.   in my opinion, follicles 22mm in mean diameter at the time of the trigger are highly unlikely to harbor a healthy, mature eggs. Huh? Anyones re ever mentioned this to them? It has me doing a lot of mental math. While the success with ivf literally only requires one normal embryo, patient outcomes improve with a reasonable number of eggs retrieved, typically 10-15 mature eggs. Actually, studies have shown that egg quality may be reduced if retrieval results in an excessively high number of eggs. For further information about the process of controlled ovarian stimulation (cos), please visit the following post ovulation induction in ivf. Follicles are considered to be mature, which is to say, they contain a mature egg on the inside, when their diameter measures above 16-18 millimeters. I have done 3 ivf cycles and my number of collected eggs is good but the number of mature eggs is low. Ivf 1 - 12 eggs 4 mature, ivf 2 - 20 eggs 12 mature, ivf 3 - 17 eggs 8 mature. On the day after the egg retrieval, you will get a call about the number of fertilized embryos. Usually out of the eggs retrieved, we expect 60 to 80 to be mature eggs, and from those, 60 to 80 will fertilize to produce early embryos. Why is this? Well, we are all human, and humans are error-prone.

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