Magnetic field due to current carrying strip

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A small current carrying conductor of length dl, carrying a current i is an elementary source of magnetic field. The force on another similar conductor can be expressed conveniently in terms of magnetic field db due to the first. Magnetic field due to infinite current carrying sheet - example. The current through a strip of width dl is kdl where k is a constant. A small current carrying conductor of length dl (length element ) carrying current i is a elementary source of magnetic field. Magnetic field next to current-carrying ribbon consider a very long ribbon of width w carrying a current i in the direction shown. Find the magnetic eld b generated a distance d from the ribbon as shown. I have seen how to convert the magnetic field for a moving charge to the magnetic field of a surface current ftextmagint(vtimes b)sigma,daint(ktimes b),da. I was hoping something similar to this would also work for the formula for the magnetic field. 1 biot-savart law currents which arise due to the motion of charges are the source of magnetic fields. A wire carrying electric current will produce a magnetic field with closed field lines surrounding the wire. Another version of the right hand rules can be used to determine the magnetic field direction from a currentpoint the thumb in the direction of the current, and the fingers curl in the direction of the magnetic field loops created by it.   magnetic effects of current class 12 is the section of jee main physics in which all the concepts related to magnetic effects of current are studied first then applications of magnetic field.   homework statement an infinitely long thin metal strip of width w12cm carries a current of i10a that is uniformly distributed across its cross section. What is the magnetic field at point p a distance a3cm above the center of the strip? Homework equations db (0di)(2r) the. The magnetic field b points perpendicular to l and into the page as shown. The upward force on the conducting strip is then given by the righthand rule. Reversing the magnet so that its field points out of the paper will of course produce a downward deflection of the current-carrying strip.

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