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While expelling gas is a normal thing for us humans to do, it can be embarrassing when we do it in front of people or during something as intimate as sex. One of the reasons why we feel shy about passing wind is the fact that it could stink and could make an embarrassing sound thatll have people laughing or worse still, feeling disgusted. If you tend to bear down during orgasm, it can increase intra-abdominal pressure,. Why you cant stop farting during sex why you cant stop farting during sex heres the reason for those bedroom gas attacks, plus what to do in the heat of the moment when youre about to let one rip. Farting during sex is a common unfortunate issue that affects women. Doctors explain what causes sex farts, which are different from queefs, and how you can prevent them and handle when they happen. Yes, farting during sex is embarrassing but its not end-of-the-world embarrassing. As i have said before, our bodies are a miracle and a cruel joke at once. Find out what causes gas and how you can hold it in until the action is over.

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