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  a frank or complete breech presentation is the most favorable breech position for a vaginal birth. The feet are out of the way, up near the head, and babys buttocks will still create pressure, just like a head would, to facilitate cervical dilation. 23 unique breech baby statistics a breech birth happens when the baby is positioned in such a way that the feet or the buttocks are in a position to be delivered first. Most babies move toward a delivery position within the last few weeks prior to a delivery date and the head moves closer to the birth canal. In april 2009, a shocking study came out the linked breech birth and autism spectrum disorders. This study, which was published by psychiatrists at the university of utah school of medicine in salt lake city, examined the medical records of babies born in 1994. While most experts believe that a head-down position or vertex position is actually the first development milestone, it does not mean that breech baby birth defects will always occur. The risks of a normal positioned baby being born with developmental issues are 2. 4, whereas the risks of a baby with breech position having a developmental. She showed us videos of vaginal breech birth and discussed that it was an option. She told me of an ob who was 2 hours away who delivered breech babies vaginally. This was the first i had ever heard of a vaginal breech birth. Every other person i had known who had a breech baby had a c-section.   what personality attributes do breech birth adults have in common? I discovered just a month ago (and ive been around a pretty darn long time), that i was born, naturally, in the breech position after a long difficult labor. Breech birth & personality birth psychology bulletin 1989 vol. 10108 abstract administered the sixteen personality factor questionnaire (16pf) and a birth questionnaire to 71 adults (aged 21-68 years) with at least some graduate education.

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